Monday, February 26, 2007

Overheard conversation: Who sez there's a generation gap?

Several elderly women are drinking coffee and chatting.

First woman: "She's off again on some trip. She gets away with murder. She can do anything she wants and he gets stuck with it."

Other women: "Tsk tsk."

Second woman: "Well, you know...this younger generation...they're different. These young women are very independent. It seems like they just pick up and go when they want to go somewhere. And you know...sometimes I think, why couldn't it have been that way when I was that age?!"


blacksweatpants said...

well... every time i mention that i have a teaching job lined up overseas, a "veteran" (read: certified and has a classroom of his/her own) teacher says, "i wish i could have done that. we never even thought of that kind of thing."

so... perhaps a smidgen of a gap.

andi said...

For some it was. My Aunt Terry ( she'd now be 77) used to pick up and go whenever she wanted to - and Oh the tales she could tell.
But for *really* interesting tales these folks should have listened to my grandmother's ( who would be 100 if she were alive) tales of traveling as a 14 year old girl from North Dakota to Buffalo - by train - by herself.
Or her tales of being 25 or so and going to St Louis. Or her tales of growing up in North Dakota and the places she went and the things she saw.
My Great Aunt Gertrude was had even better stories! And Great Aunt Izzy is *still* the most independent woman I know - at 90 she still travels alone (last trip was driving to FLA by herself- she hates planes), goes bow hunting every season and plants by mule plow. My father's family has similiar stories, too.
I wonder what the difference was between my family and the families of these woman is?
Generational? Or maybe it was circumstance? or something else? I have no idea.

Woman'sSpace said...

""i wish i could have done that. we never even thought of that kind of thing."

This couldn't be truer. I was born in the forties and places like Israel and Iraq still don't feel quite "real" to me, Europe a little more so.

I suspect there are class differences because upper middle class women always counted on a finishing trip to Europe.