Monday, June 23, 2008

Bailey, Seal Press, NWSA, etc.

This is a teaser post, because I am far too emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted to write tonight. I did attend both the session at which Alice Dreger gave her paper as well as the session by trans activists/scholars on the "Bailey Brouhaha," as it was called in the session title. Andrea James, Elise Hendrick, and Kristina Rose presented on this latter session, which was organized and moderated by Joelle Ruby Ryan, and their papers were absolutely excellent. I, for one, learned a lot. And it's worth saying that, while there was all kinds of drama and throwing under buses and other lovely professional behavior almost everywhere else at the conference, it did not happen at either of these panels (unless it happened in the last ten minutes - I had to leave to give my own presentation).

Also, I got to hang out with Anxious Black Woman, and we got to do some radical drama making. Well, she took the lead, and I followed, but we did at least do something, however small, about Seal Press.

Oh, and the NWSA's Delegate Assembly recommended that we approve the formation of a brand spankin' new Trans Caucus, and I believe it was passed unanimously. History in the making, folks.

There's lots more, all to come.

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