Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yarn stress.

I decided that I don't like the yarn, all 14 skeins of it, that I'm working with for my new afghan. It's 25% wool, which is enough wool to itch, and I just don't like the feeling of it while I'm working with it - it makes my hands feel dry (you know how wool does?). Also, it will definitely show cat hairs. I am torn between dropping another huge wad of cash on fleece yarn - provided I can find anything I like, b/c fleece yarns seem to come most often in really atrocious colors - and finishing this one. I guess there's no harm in finishing it - we can certainly use it, and if I really hate it, I can always give it to someone who likes wool and whose house isn't very hairy.

On the other hand, I'm sure that when I'm knitting this thing in January, I will appreciate it's warmth spread across my lap.


My favorite thing to do in the evenings, now, is to knit and watch episodes of "Eureka" on the web.


Anonymous said...

You would like this blog-

My husband makes fun of him, but I think he's cool.

Things you make always make good gifts.

Green said...

I vote for selling the yarn and using that money to buy yarn that you do like.

andi said...

I only crochet but I love working with lion brand's Watercolors yarns. They are soft, gentle on the hands, and work up really nice. I've made a couple of baby blankets with it and it wears well too. :)

Plain(s)feminist said...

Andi - I made an afghan with Lion's Brand Homespun, and I was so disappointed in the yarn that it put me right off Lion's Brand altogether. I think I've been happy with their chenilles, though - it strikes me that maybe that would have been a good choice for this project.

I'm experimenting with using more expensive, "nicer" yarn on this, and I want to see if it actually makes a difference in the final product, or in the way it wears over time, or if the only difference is to my pocketbook. I suppose that would depend on what yarn I'm actually using...