Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things Annoying Me Today.

1) The association of "trans" with "men" - not as in "transmen," but as in the idea that a transgendered person must, of course, be male. As in, 'oh, no, transgendered men are taking over Women's Studies!' As in, 'allowing trans people to use public bathrooms is the same thing as allowing men to use women's rest rooms!' What drugs is the internet taking that we are still having such difficulty with these issues?

2) That I have not, as I thought I might, gotten up early and finished all my grading.

3) That there is nothing good on t.v.

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Green said...

Having spent a couple of months sans tv, I gotta say Netflix is great for the whole "there's nothing good on tv" problem. I usually get two movies at once - one I'm sure I'll like, and one that's questionable. Or I get one movie and one tv series.