Friday, October 23, 2009

The elimination diet.

So, have I mentioned that I am on an elimination diet? Well, let me tell you: I am on an elimination diet. I have been on this elimination diet for nearly six weeks, and I have two foods to re-challenge before I will know what needs to stay out of my diet for another 8 weeks, followed by more food challenges, and what I can eat. This has been a complicated process, involving a lot of thinking about food, and a lot of natural bologna with goat cheese on spelt bread sandwiches (which are really quite good, but getting a little old, after six weeks). I have discovered the fascinating world of wheat-free eating (if you are avoiding gluten, check out Arico brand cookies - they are excellent and only a little odd), dairy-free eating (my absolute, hands-down favorite fake ice cream is Coconut Bliss, which is made from coconut milk and other yummy stuff AND which uses agave syrup instead of sugar; corn-free eating (not really an issue, except for the corn syrup that shows up in places you wouldn't expect); and nightshade vegetable-free eating (which, combined with the wheat and dairy avoidance, means I can't eat Italian food, which hurts. Though I hear there is a product, "no-mato," that is an excellent tomato substitute.).

I suspect that I am sensitive to cheese and nightshades. Fortunately, I seem to be able to eat ice cream with abandon (which, in fact, I had to do - you have to test each food with about 5-6 servings). So whey is ok and casein is forbidden, or something like that.

I will re-test cheese and nightshades soon. I look forward to getting past the testing phase and being able to eat just a little less intentionally. I'm amazed that I'm making it through all the thinking about food without re-developing an eating disorder.

But on the plus side - I feel pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Why would you want a tomato substitute?

Vince Da Blisser said...

We love that we are your 'hands-down favorite'. Thank you~you truly are OUR bliss... :)

Also, if you're in Eugene, OR on Nov. 7th, stop by for some free Coconut Bliss scooped by Luna and Larry. :)

Blissfully yours,
Vince Da Blisser
from the Coconut Bliss Mothership/HQ, Eugene, OR

Plain(s)feminist said...

Danielle - tomato is a nightshade vegetable and therefore one of the foods that I am eliminating for the moment.

Vince - thanks for commenting! I won't be in OR anytime soon, but I will take this opportunity to recommend to my readers that they try Coconut Bliss - I just had some tonight, in fact. The regular coconut flavor is terrific, and I've also had the chocolate, which is also delicious and has less of coconut presence, for those who aren't big coconut fans.

Nuraffinah said...
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