Thursday, June 15, 2006

South Dakota: The Hick State

I'm writing this from Oakland, CA, where I'm at the National Women's Studies Association Conference. And so far today, every time I've mentioned South Dakota, people have said, "Oh."
(beat) "OH. WOW." And then offered me a supportive comment or empathetic look.

So hear this, Unruh-ites. The rest of the country feels sorry for us because of you.


ken said...

I am on my way out there myself. I promise if I meet you I won't say "Oh."

Plain(s)feminist said...

Hey Ken,
Email me when you get here - it's always great to meet online acquaintances in real life!

ken said...

Sorry I didn't find you. I would have emailed but the concierge said there was no free wi-fi in town! Though someone said they saw a sign somewhere--but that was on Sunday.
I kept looking as covertly as possible at people's chests in an attempt to find you but it wasn't very effective. I would have come to your panel but it was right before my own (oh yeah--and it was really early). I hope it went well.
Excuses, excuses. Maybe next year.