Thursday, August 24, 2006

Here Are My Sunflowers

A friend plantsat while we were away, and the flowering ones seem to have gotten some kind of insect infestation. You can't really see the eggs on the leaves in this picture, but they're there.

For some reason, we couldn't get any to grow in these clay pots. I must've planted at least six seeds over the course of several weeks, but nothing happened. Finally, the last two came up. Right before we left on our trip, I transplanted one into a second pot. They are thriving, but not flowering yet.

We picked them up this afternoon from the plantsitting friend and put them back in their old places, but then this started brewing:

Just as it started getting really ugly, I realized that I was out of decongestant for my early morning plane trip tomorrow (I have a cold coming on). So, braving the tornado watch, I ran out to the drugstore and got back to find the infested plants sitting on the dining room table courtesy of helpful partner, who was listening to reports of tornados and heavy winds heading right for us. After I got done yelling at him for bringing the buggy plants into the house and for putting the buggy plants next to the non-buggy plants (I'm assuming the bugs travel more easily when the plants are smooshed up next to each other), and then apologizing for yelling when he was only trying to be helpful, I found that the storms are, so far, now heading in the other direction.

That's really all I have to say about the plants. See you next week, with a report on my 20th high school reunion, Part I.

(Can you tell I got a camera for my birthday?)

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