Friday, March 23, 2007

Catching up.

I was supposed to be back here on Wednesday night. Instead, I got stuck on the East Coast due to bad weather in Chicago. Two days in a row, my flight was cancelled, which would have been less of a big deal if I wasn't staying two hours from the airport and if they'd have announced the cancellations prior to an hour before the scheduled flight time (i.e., upon my arrival).

I finally got home this morning, after spending a night in an overheated hotel room with a five-year-old who'd spent six hours in the car over the last two days.

I'm behind in everything. And while I was gone, to my amazement, my blog gained TWENTY new links, several of them blogroll links! I'm not even able to check out all the new linkers, yet, but I *am* grateful. This is largely due to my post about the New Bedford sting, and I'm hoping that this sudden popularity is an indicator of a larger national effort to help.

I also got a link from the 34th Carnival of Feminists, which is way cool (and unexpected!). Check it out here.

I was hoping to go back and respond to comments from the past week, but I'm now so thoroughly swamped that I'm not sure when, or if, that will happen.

But I am working on some new posts, including the story of the "Great Flood of 2007," and more ponderings about race and racism. And kid stuff, too. So bear with me, and I will be back.

Now, I need to take Bean to the park before he terrorizes the cats any further with his screeching and bouncing on the furniture.

Oh, but first I want to share something absolutely disgusting, because everyone loves a gross story, right?: I've just learned that Silk Soymilk, both the light and regular varieties, when left in the refrigerator well past expiration, will turn into snot. And then solidify. I can't comment on the smell because I opted not to breathe while trying to pour this gelatinous mass down the disposal.


Donna said...

I hope I had a little something to do with at least a few of your new links. You gave me a push to blog about New Bedford and I wanted to push my readers to also blog about it. The American people have to know what is happening, to know about the human rights abuses, and to be spurred into action. I am hoping that more people will get involved and will push congress to put a stop to treating human beings like animals to be herded.

Plain(s)feminist said...

Yes, Donna, I'm sure you did - thank you. And that gives me a push to write more about issues like this one - action alerts and so on. I'm going to write about Bear Butte, in fact, soon.