Sunday, September 02, 2007

Made it.

In case you were wondering, no, I didn't get lost - I made it, and I'm fine, but I'm still unpacking boxes a week later. I'm almost done, but that's only because I did an incredible amount of putting crap away tonight. The boxes are in their flattened state, in storage, for the time being. The apartment is wonderful. The downstairs neighbors are wonderful, and they even let me use their washer when mine turned out not to be able to receive any cold water. I found this out after doing two loads (luckily, they were sheets and towels and not my clothes!). I have a few things to talk to the landlord about (number one is the cold water for the washer), but in general, I can't complain.

Though I will say that the bathroom is so small that the toilet is crammed into a tiny corner between the sink and the radiator. This means that one must sit sort of at an angle rather than the proper way with one's back parallel to the toilet tank. This is taking a bit of getting used to, but it isn't horrible. It will be horrible if the radiator turns out to get scaldingly hot, but otherwise, we can deal.

In other news, it turns out that there is a Chico's in WALKING DISTANCE from my new place. And when I say "in walking distance," I mean that I could walk to Chico's, buy clothes that I would have to carry home, and then carry them home without my arms getting tired. I will be taking advantage of this soon, even though Chico's is, I think, a bit old for me. Fact is, though, I need a more professional wardrobe, and this is an easy fix. (If anyone would like to make suggestions, I'm all ears. I would prefer something funky like Torrid, but with clothes that I could actually wear to work. Don't say Ann Taylor Loft, because the clothes are a little too fitted for me.)

For those of you back home - I'm thinking of you! I miss you! I'm sending hugs! (Or hearty handshakes. Depending on who you are.)


andi said...

glad to hear from you!

When you complain about the cold water, make sure he understands that you ALSO need hot water I had a landlord do that to me in midwinter once.
Hope you are happy in this new place. :)

Linda said...

Yeah....moving sucks. But glad to see you made it.

Maybe tell us about the new job one of these days?

Daisy Deadhead said...

I despise moving with a passion. Glad to hear the worst of it is over!

Renegade Evolution said...

glad ya made it!