Monday, November 26, 2007

Just posting to say I'm still here.

I'm on my way to bed, but I thought I'd check in first. I spent my Thanksgiving driving back and forth to SD and recovering from a killer migraine. (Note to self: find new doctor and get prescription refilled.) Even though Bean drove me crazy for all of yesterday, I spent today missing him horribly, and was thrilled to come home from my night class and find that he had fallen asleep before dinner and slept until just that very minute, so we had a late dinner together before I packed him back off to bed. He has his first loose tooth, which he finds alternately extremely exciting and extremely painful. I remember the sweet agony of that tooth twisting in its socket, not quite out but almost, so that it kept catching on everything. And I remember the softness of the hole it left, with just a tiny bit of the sharp new tooth poking up.

I also remember Bean's very first tooth coming in, and the one that's coming out now may, in fact, be it (but I think, actually, it's the one next to his first).

I have to research how much the tooth fairy leaves these days. It's gotta be more than the fifty cents I used to get.


Linda said...

I remember the day I lost two teeth - the tooth fairy left me a dollar. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt it under my pillow and tried to shred it.

In the morning when I realized what it was I was glad I failed.

SkippyMom said...

linda - that made me laugh!...on that note...we like to give the Porcupine a shiny dollar coin [Susan B. Anthony, if you can find them...or the Sacqugewea [sp?] coin] No shredding [hee!] and the are fascinated by the specialness of it...

I love that you can remember his first tooth...the only thing I remember about my kids teeth coming in is that they bit me and I had to stop breastfeeding or risk permanent injury! ;D

Hahni said...

at least a dollar. Woe to mom on the day the tooth fell out and mom was broke :(

When I was a kid it was a dime. Inflation!

Anonymous said...

PF- I don't know if you'll do this, but I want to tag you for the "mommy wars meme". Q and A about staying home vs working, and your experiences.

Plain(s)feminist said...

Sigh. The tooth is out. However, I have not trained the kid to believe in the tooth fairy, so he's not having any part of it. He wants to keep the tooth. Can't say as I blame him - I mean, how cool is a tooth, you know?

Danielle - Sure, I'll do it.