Friday, December 21, 2007

Things I've done since I've moved here that I couldn't do in South Dakota.

Since I moved here, I have:

1) Had my hair cut well by two different people. (This is a curly thing.)

2) Gone to the Somali mall to buy awesome scarves for $5 or $10 each.

3) Eaten delicious Ethiopian food...from the co-op!

4) Noticed that there is a pollution report on the Weather Channel's "Local on the Eights."

5) Driven past five different museums.

6) Seen an African-American fathers' demonstration against gun violence.

7) Had the option of buying whole, organic, locally-produced foods in great varieties and quantities at any one of a number of stores. (Which is why I'm spending too much on food.)

8) Finally tried White Castle. (Verdict: OK, but kinda soggy.)

9) Seen many, MANY liberal bumper stickers. (God, I love this place.)

10) Had an abortion. (Just kidding!)

1 comment:

Stuff Daddy said...

see, the thing about Ethiopian food is that it's soo yummy, but the bread is like a cold rubbery pancake.