Friday, February 15, 2008

The persistence of sexism.

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I've written a lot about racism in the public discourse around Hillary and Obama's candidacies, but I have not written much about the very real moments of sexism she's faced. I'd like to rectify that, not so much by writing about it myself* as by sharing with you a few links I've received recently** that help to show both the scope of this sexism and also the way racism and sexism are interwoven so tightly in our national discussions.

Teaching Tolerance has a special edition of the Anti-Bias Classroom that is focused on teaching about the elections. I have not had time yet to peruse the whole thing, but the first page sums up problems with the national discussion so far quite nicely.

The Hillary Sexism Watch - just what it sounds like, and worth reading.

And lest you miss it, go here to see why Axe sucks. I mean, we KNOW they suck, but this is pretty bad.

*At the moment, I don't have anything to add to the good writing that is already out there.
**Thanks to the WMST-L Listserv.

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