Monday, March 01, 2010

To the guy behind me in traffic this morning.

Look, I'm sure you were in a hurry, and I can appreciate that you didn't like the fact that I was slowing down when you wanted to go faster as we exited the highway. What I saw that you didn't see was the truck ahead and on my right that was planning to turn left across my lane. I was turning left, too, and even if I weren't, the truck was blocking the right lane, so I had no choice but to stop, behind the truck and to the left, so that it could turn. Honking your horn at me is not going to make me play chicken with a truck.

I thought maybe you'd understand the situation after the truck turned, but no, you still found it necessary to drive up behind me after we'd all turned, honk furiously, and give me the finger as you sped away.

It is not my fault that you are in a hurry. Plan better next time. And please try to be less of an asshole.


Anonymous said...

LOL I suggest you either speed up or get used to it...Just like I've had to get used to being cut off on an almost daily basis by a woman blowing through the yield sign while blathering on her cell phone on my way home from work...

被リンクを増やす said...
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