Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I want...

One of the things Bean and I enjoy doing together is buying candy. We are both, as he says, "candy lovers." We both, as I pointed out to him this afternoon while he was wailing because I wouldn't allow him to eat all of his candy before dinner, want to have our candy when we want to have it. We don't want to wait.

(It might be worth mentioning that, before dinner, while he was watching "Jimmy Neutron" and thus otherwise preoccupied, I sneaked into my room to eat my Hostess Fruit Pie in secret. Even though I wouldn't let him eat more than half of his roll of Gummi Life Savers until he'd eaten dinner.)

(It was cherry, in case you're wondering.)

So one of our favorite things to do is to visit the candy shop downtown, the one with the handmade chocolates and the penny candies that I didn't know were still being made. (Incidentally, all this time I thought it was Ferrara DAN. It's Ferrara PAN. Who knew?)

I was thinking this afternoon that introducing a gummy line was probably one of the smartest things Life Savers ever did. Because regular Life Savers - I don't think they can compete with Altoids and everything else. I certainly wouldn't be buying them, and I wouldn't give them to Bean, either. I mean - Life Savers. Boring. And vaguely reminiscent of carsickness (my mom used to give me one to suck on in the car). But take just about any candy and make it a gummy, and you've probably got a sellable item.

Anyway, so remember those Smarties from your childhood?

They got bigger.

And, along with being bigger, they got a bit overpowering. They seem to have, more or less, become SweetTarts. However, the green Smarties are still very definitely lime, thank God, because I think if I got a green apple Sweetart, I would puke.

I'm sitting here, working my way through this pack of Giant-Ass Smarties, and...yeah. I'm feeling a little over-sugared, and I think I'm getting big sugar sores on the inside of my mouth, and I'm probably wearing the enamel off my teeth, but, hell yeah, I'm gonna keep eating.

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SkippyMom said...

oh...ummmmm....cherry hostess pies. I can't eat them anymore [sweettooth fell out...hee!] but the memories...oh....

Remember snowballs? Those nasty pink coconut covered brown cakes with creamy centers?....yeah, hostess rocks for the most habit forming, non natural, bad for you, but LOOKS GREAT snacks in the world.