Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My last post from South Dakota.

Friday is moving day. It's all boxes and cleaning products in here. I've heard from two people - one of whom is related to a Floyd Management employee - that Floyd Management does not give back security deposits. I wish I'd heard this before I spent an hour last night and another hour this morning cleaning the stovetop. Though, I must say, it does give me a little boost to see it gleam in the light, its new drip pans sparkling. It's really quite pretty. Anyway, I will no longer knock myself out cleaning the place, which means less work to do tomorrow.

I think we're in good shape. We're about at that phase where you think you're done, but you really have several more hours of labor ahead of you before you're actually done. For my last major move, this phase came at about midnight or 1am, and we pulled an all-nighter. Moving after staying up packing all night, and then having to clean the apartment, is not an experience I'd like to recreate. So, I think we're in pretty darn good shape, since I can go to bed tonight and still have plenty of time (I hope!) to finish up tomorrow.

One thing I learned about Mr. Plain(s) Feminist that surprised me is that he apparently packs boxes of books more quickly than I do. (Which is also lucky for him, as I've been packing my books all week and he's only just begun today to pack his.)

Bean has surprised me throughout by being very positive about the whole thing. I'm a little worried he'll have a meltdown when the place is actually empty and we leave. He is planning to hug the building goodbye. In truth, I feel a little like hugging it, myself. I've really loved living here, and I'm sad to go. This is by far the nicest apartment we've had, and it felt like home from the moment I walked in the door. We've all grown attached, and we've all been comfortable.

Plus, we've been spoiled by having the laundry just off the kitchen. I'm not looking forward to doing my laundry in a basement again!

But - a new adventure awaits. My next post will be from another, larger city a bit further north...stay tuned...

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I quoted you on my blog today, so thought you might wanna visit!

Thanks for the quote! :)