Thursday, January 24, 2008

3 Hours and $230 later... cat has antibiotics for a perceived UTI; my gym bag, blankets, and iRiver arm band have been thoroughly sprayed with Nature's Miracle and are in the wash right now; all bags of any kind have been put in closets to deter anyone who thinks the litterbox is not a good enough place to pee; my windshield has a nearly full-length horizontal crack in it, which is what happens, apparently, when it's -9 degrees and you put the heat on full blast to keep your cat from freezing; there are still bloodstains on my white down comforter, on the couch, and likely other places that I have not yet discovered; one of us will have to wrangle the cat twice a day for the next week to give her the medicine, and by "one of us," I mean "me," as Mr. P is heading out of town for a week; and I missed getting to tuck in Bean because I was sitting in the vet's (cold) office.

But the cat is purring contentedly on my lap...


Dianne said...

I empathize with all your trials and tribulations while still enjoying the fun way you described them.

My cat right now, Siren, is very healthy but has many emotional issues so I understand the "blood". My dearly departed JR was very ill the last year of his life. Thousands of $$$ and enough experience to open my own practice :)

Is the cat feeling better? Are you feeling better?

sageweb said...

Just stopped by, going to read some of your posts. Already lesbians and feminism has caught my eye.
Just spent 220 at the vet. For both the cat and dog...crap

Anonymous said...

How old is the cat?

I wish I had all the money I had paid on things my dog had pissed on.

Lana Wood said...

Ok, so you had to know I would respond to this one...

That Nature's Miracle stuff is a godsend. It is what I used to save my stuff and my sanity when my dominatrix kitty and my mon petit amour kitty literally had a pissing contest every time I left the house. It will work well on the blood too. Also, hydrogen peroxide does get out blood, BUT be careful where you use it, it bleaches. Working on this money pit house of mine, I have also discovered TSP (trisodium phosphate) it cleans up stains, smells, and all manner of yuck. You can get it at a home improvement store.

I am sorry your kitty is so sick and so upset. I have had a lot of luck tricking pets with food. If it is liquid or a pill you can squish, just mix it into a little bit of mushy food, just a tiny bit so you can make sure it all gets eaten. If this does not work, call the vet and ask them to teach you how to make your cat swallow it.

Oh, if you have glass coverage on your car insurance, it is an incident that does not count as a claim and there is no deductible, and it should cost less than $500 anyway.

Plain(s)feminist said...

The cat is feeling better, yes! And tomorrow, I take her back for a follow-up (and more peeing in the carrier, presumably).


She's 13 and going strong - very perky and otherwise in good health.

Thanks for the advice! I use Folex on stains, which may be the same chemical - I'm too lazy to get up and look. But it works really well.