Saturday, January 26, 2008

Things you should know about.

1) A new mothering blog, this one on Black mothers in academe. Sekile (in Rochester! Near my old stomping grounds!) writes: "I've recently jumped on the blogging band wagon. My decision to blog is partially for personal reasons, needing a place to dump/reflect on my realities as a mother and an academic. However, I also have done some preliminary research on the intersection of black women, mothering, and academia and hope to continue in this direction this year. There is some emerging literature on black women in the academy as well literature on mothering in the academy however the realities of black women who choose to mother has been given little attention. Anyway, my hope is that this forum will allow me to be less splintered in my life by blending both personal and professional. The blog is bare
bones right now but I hope to add resources and other elements as it matures. In the meantime please spread the word to women who may be interested in it or my research. By the way, I'm also interested in hearing from black women who choice not to mother as well, your voices are just as valuable to me as I gain deeper understanding of Black women's realities on college campuses."

2) You know how much I love overhearing funny bits of other people's conversations? At least as much as Green loves seeing people trip. So I was thrilled to find My Pointy Ears Are Up, and since Pinky appears to be here in town, I'll have to watch to see if I'm ever quoted. (Psst - Pinky! Update!)

3) Spread the word about the NWSA Women of Color Leadership Project (and apply!).

4) I also discovered Double Hoo today. I don't know what a "double Hoo" is, but I'm sure if I read enough posts, I will figure it out.

5) The fact that I was able to do this is a privilege. Don't think I haven't been thinking this all day, or that I'm not trying to figure out where exactly this expense is going to be made up (thank goodness for my job, for interest-free credit cards, for overload courses, and for Mr. P's freelance work). But this week, my cat's trip to the vet ended up costing me the equivalent of one month's rent.

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