Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lovin' that Bean of mine.

I got a wonderful compliment yesterday. Bean asked me, at a dinner function that I took him to, "why are you always so nice to people? You always say, "hi!" to everyone!" So we talked about being friendly, and from that I segued into telling him that I was really excited for him to meet some of the people I know and like, and that I've told them about him and they were really excited to meet him. When I introduce him to people, he usually hides, and I've worked on trying to get him to at least wave or say "hi," even if he's shy. But that conversation seemed to make a difference, because after that, he was saying "hi" to everyone who said "hi" to him - and doing so very eagerly, like he'd finally realized that people weren't just doing that to annoy him, but because they genuinely were interested in him - and that I liked them, and so he might like them, too.

And also - my kid thinks I'm nice!


Green said...

That's really cute. It's so nice when kids learn things that make them nicer people to be around. I took my friend's kid to Staples to buy crayons once and the cashier said to her, "Have a nice day." THe kid, who'd just turned four casually said, "I will," and started walking away. I crouched down, stopped her and quietly explained it would be nice if she wished the cashier a nice day also, and thanked her for wishing HER a nice day. She went back to say "Thank you, you too." Everybody in line laughed.

Ravenmn said...

Hey, PF, I posted another video to take up all your spare time!

There's something amazing about kids: they teach us all what we take for granted. Congrats to the Bean!

Ravenmn said...

Hey PF!

Hi posted another video to keep you occupied!