Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mother's Day Redux.

I got this comment from A Little Gnocchi on my 2007 Mother's Day post:
"Well it is 2009 and your original post was 2007. I found it on page 3 of a Google search "alternative mother's day". The first page of the google search was all different types of flowers...I was looking for other stuff like these Diaper Drives for Mother's Day The focus of both drives being to help out families who are struggling with some of the basics that cost too bloody much: diapers for the young, tampons & pads for women, incontinence pads for the elderly or infirm."

And with that public service announcement, here, again, is Why I Hate Mother's Day.


A Little Gnocchi said...

Thanks Plain(s) Feminist.

Anonymous said...

I remember that post! (Barely).

You know what's ironic? Remember being a teen/young adult and having your parents and other older adults barking down your throat about how you BETTER learn to do chores, because it's YOUR responsibility, etc. If you want to learn to live on your own, you better just get used to it, and so on. We were made to feel like it was a part of life, and not to complain about it. Remember that?

And now that we're mothers, housework/chores are supposed to be the Haaaardest thing in the wooorrld, and automatically make us worth 200K a year?

What changed, lol/

CrackerLilo said...

Wonderfully and powerfully written, but my mother will still want a sappy card and a bouquet of flowers. :-)