Monday, June 01, 2009

For those of you who are thinking it's been a long time since I've blogged about cat pee...

...guess what? One of the cats peed on the bed yesterday. As always, we don't know why. We suspect it is the same old recurrent problem, which her thyroid medication has seemed to help until now. However, since we spent much of Saturday afternoon outside with the neighbors, where the cats could hear and see us but couldn't be with us, it is always possible that this was a vengeance pee.

I keep thinking that I wish she could talk so that she could tell us, but it occurs to me that, cats being cats, being able to talk would not solve the problem. I'm sure she would either refuse to speak or else hurl Elizabethan curses at me. And if it *is* health related, she would be highly indignant at my inquiries as to the state of her bladder.

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Anonymous said...

My black pug and I seem to have a love/hate relationship. He has a history of peeing on the bed when he's pissed off at me, or if I am devoting my attention to something/someone else and he wants all of it.
The last time he peed on the bed, I was livid. He could tell that I was mad as hell at him and stayed away. My parents saved the day by giving me these two twin mattresses that they didn't know what to do with. They also gave me a waterproof sheet, new egg crates, all new king size sheets, and even helped me drag the old mattress to the dumpster. The only thing they bought specifically for this was the waterproof mattress, everything else was from an old bed they no longer had after a move. I was sooooooooo happy. I pledged and varnished the frame, made a few new scrappy quilts, and it's so nice now. The dog and I are cool again, but I think he was traumatized from my few days of angrily ignoring him and doesn't do it anymore. I still won't take off the waterproof thing