Sunday, March 07, 2010

Help keep ARM / Demeter Press going!

From ARM Director, Andrea O'Reilly:

Good news: there has been a tsunami of support for arm. Hundreds of letters in, a fan of arm facebook set up already, dozens of mommy bloggers have blogged on it, a fundraising campaign already up and running, two media interviews. (details on all this wil be on arm facebook page and sent to arm supporters and members tomorrow) I am at loss for words to convey my appreciation for this outpouring of concern and outrage.

so yes we are resolved to keep arm/jarm/Demeter press going somehow/someway

...we are asking concerned individuals to do the following

1) Write a letter, however brief, to York officials listed in ARM closure email.

In 48 HOURS ARM has received close to 300 emails.

[The addresses (please cc;
Associate Dean of Research, FLAPS, Barbara Crow,
Executive Officer, FLAPS, Felim Greene,
Associate Dean, External Relations, FLAPS, Moghissi Haideh,
Dean, FLAPS, Martin Singer,
Vice President, Research and Innovation, Stan Shapson,
Associate Vice President Research, Social Sciences and the Humanities, David Dewitt,
Vice-President Academic & Provost, Patrick Monahan,
Director, Office of Research Services, David Phipps,
President and Vice Chancellor, Mamdouh Shoukri, ]

2) Distribute widely the ARM closure letter; contact your local media. Join the "Fan of ARM Facebook Page"

3) Send to arm and myself any and all ideas/leads/contact for funding for arm/jarm/demeter press post York.

4) Please purchase a Demeter Press title from ARM/Demeter Press page with a cheque payable to Demeter Press. Or make a donation to Demeter Press.

We will certainly keep you posted

And thank you again for your email. It means a great deal to us at this difficult time


andrea oreilly and renee knapp

Dr. Andrea O'Reilly,
Associate Professor,
School of Women's Studies,
Founder-Director: Association for Research on Mothering,
Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, Demeter Press,
Co-Founder, Museum of Motherhood,
Co-Founder, International Mothers Network,
Editor, Encyclopedia of Motherhood, Sage Press, 2010.
York University,
Toronto, Ont.,
M3J 1P3
416 736 2100;60366


被リンクサービス said...

The power of people is undefeatable.

Green said...

Hey. I'm just saying hi. You haven't written in a long time and I was wondering how you and the Bean are doing.

Anonymous said...

I miss your posts too, and wonder how you and bean are...