Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Which is harder - teaching someone to drive or to ride a bike?

We are in the process of doing the latter - and I wish we'd started this process years ago. Because we didn't, we are just starting him on training wheels, and Bean is, quite understandably, nervous about the whole thing. Once he gets going, he enjoys it, but the journey to getting going is paved with arguments, tears, yelling, and endless, endless braking. It took us 40 minutes last night to get from the corner to our house. This is exhausting.

And he keeps saying, "If I were learning to drive a car, I wouldn't be so scared!"

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Sungold said...

Oh, biking was just about the end of my relationship with my Tiger last summer - literally. He was so unable to follow my instructions, he'd fall into potholes - or fail to stop when required - and then he'd get really pissy with me. I'm sorry to say I got pissy with him.

We had a couple mild days this winter when the Tiger got on his bike and seemed to be balancing nicely with the training wheels on. Then he broke his arm. Once it was safe to try again, months later, my spouse took the wheels off. Now he won't try at all! He'll be seven in just a few days.

At the rate we're going, he'll be driving a car first. Then again, I was no early bloomer either.

Good luck to y'all!