Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nerd Alert: Office Supplies

Seriously, I have some reservations about even posting this. If ever there was a doubt about my status as a nerd - not even a geek, which would be cool (think: geek chic) but a nerd! - this will certainly give me place in the Nerd Hall of Fame.

I wrote here about my office supply fetish, the intensity of which can be summed up by the fact that I went to Office Max today in search of a planner and spent an hour there. (Came back with some nifty cd holders, too.)

I love the idea of being organized, alphabetized, color-coordinated - all of it. My office, I mean. (My closet is filled with black clothes. I like to think I'm cool, but I suspect that most people see me and wonder why I'm wearing the same clothes all the time. (I'm really not - I have a few of the same pieces of clothing, always black, and I wear them a lot.))

Anyway, so I'm all about different kinds of file folders, expandable folders and file pockets being my favorites. But expandable folders, which open out to a couple of inches, don't hold up too well: they tend to fray and tear around the edges by the end of the semester, dumping my precious papers all over the place. And file pockets don't hold as much crap as I need them to hold. So today, when I was looking for some of both so that I could start organizing all of my stuff for class and not walk in on the first day shuffling piles of everything, I was excited to find these:

I'm not sure how well you can tell from the picture, but what this is is basically a folder with a pocket in one side. What it looked like on the package was a file pocket that expanded more than the average file pocket but not so much as an expandable folder. Perfect, right? Except that these turned out to be totally dorky and poorly made. Why would I need a folder with a separate pocket, especially when that pocket is so tight that even two pieces of paper won't slide down in all the way?! This totally messes up my filing system because the sticky-out pieces of paper obscure my labels.

I am VERY disappointed in Office Max. I can see I'm going to have to get my fix somewhere else from now on.

(By the way, I have 24 of these things in different colors. Let me know if you want them.)

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