Friday, September 15, 2006

South Dakotans, standing UP.

I'm the kind of person who worries excessively about about provoking wacko crazies. Therefore, my car has no bumper stickers on it. And I get very nervous when I have to do things like knock on doors and urge people to vote against the abortion ban.

This may surprise some of you.

The truth is, I worry a lot about what people think of me, and it causes me great anxiety and indigestion if I learn that someone is angry with me or doesn't like me. I also worry that rabid anti-choice activists might shoot me, or worse, not want to be my friend.

So I'm always a bit apprehensive when I go out into the wilds of South Dakota sporting my pro-choice t-shirts.

Last week, I got a new Planned Parenthood shirt that says "Stand UP for South Dakota!" on the front. I wore it to the bowling alley (birthday partyfor one of my son's friends), and one of the other moms asked me what it meant. I responded, "It's a Planned Parenthood shirt," and braced myself for what I was sure would be a cool response.

"Thank God SOMEONE around here still has some common sense," she replied.

Tonight, I wore the same shirt out to dinner at Granite City. When I walked in the door of the restaurant, one of the hostesses came rushing up to ask me where I'd gotten it so that she, too, could get one.

I think I might branch out into bumper stickers next since the t-shirt is working so well for me...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your courage! The rest of the country should Stand UP for South Dakota too. Just today, Jerry Falwell said he is going to raise $4 million dollars to push to keep the ban - no doubt a campaign of lies and fear... let's all work together for South Daktoa

Plain(s)feminist said...

Yes - and there's a link on the Campaign's site to a Voter Guide:

If anyone wants to make a donation to help SD women, you can make one to Planned Parenthood here: