Saturday, February 10, 2007

I *was* going to post about being discouraged.

But I am going to have to save that post for another time. Because I just found this doozy of a statement. All emphasis is mine:

ok, this [last year's abortion ban in SD - PF] is a nail in the coffin to all CF [childfree people] in america.

this chimp in charge [Roger Hunt, maybe?], he is a religous nutter quite frankly, but he listens to the feminists, it used to be women had to have the choice of aborting or not, thats their choice, but the new breed of feminists they want women to have kids, have a job, have everything, without thought of population or standards of living.

In case you missed it - yes, he is blaming feminists for the abortion ban. Not for not doing enough to prevent it, you understand, but for supporting it.

And I guess I should wait until you finish laughing (are you laughing more about that "he listens to the feminists" comment or about feminists supporting the abortion ban?).

Ready? OK.

this is going to make so many women take the extreme measures of coathangers, and suicides and by not regulation the clinics then, you get back to the backroom clinics where the mortality rate was very high. and we all know people dying isnt as bad as a few cells.

i feel sorry for the americans to have this kind of person in charge. there is no choice anymore, these feminists have said you can do it all.. all at once. so you will get more single parent families, more problem children, who have more kids, who are more problematical. and so on and it gets worse when the government bribes these single women, into having kids (as in australia) with tax breaks and so on.

the decline of civilisation (but then again bush's friend beleives in the rapture and has stated that they dont need to do ecology as when everyone gets the rapture it will all be fixed.) damned fundie, breeders, religious nutter.

OK, seriously, where do people come up with this stuff?! ~shakes head~


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the internet, and the things one can find on it...

KeepAskingWhy said...

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

You could compile a hilarious list of all the things that feminists are to blame for. Abortion. Abortion bans. Domestic violence. Etc..

Anonymous said...

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Plain(s)feminist said...

Keepaskingwhy - could you email me? I have a writing proposal for you...