Friday, February 23, 2007

What I learned today.

Thanks to Neil Gaiman, I've learned that "bollocks" does not refer to "ass," as I previously thought, but to "balls." I'm delighted to know this, as I can now use the word properly.

My British readers are laughing at me RIGHT NOW.

(Seriously, wouldn't you love to see Neil Gaiman's treatment of rogue librarians who've gone over to the dark side?)


belledame222 said...

Also, "fanny" may not mean what you think it means.

Plain(s)feminist said...

WHAT?! It doesn't mean tuchus???

By the way, when I googled "tuchus" to be sure of the spelling, I got an eBay ad that read: "Tuchus for Less. Looking for Tuchus? Find exactly what you want today."

(I tried it with "ass," too, because apparently I'm twelve, but I only got porn ads.)

andi said...

It depends what country you're in In the UK it means, vulva, in the US it means Butt.