Friday, April 13, 2007

New Black Man.

I just found Mark Anthony Neal's blog, so I'm linking to it and telling you all to go check it out. Mark and I were in the same grad program; he was a few years ahead of me. Since then, he's had an enviable career, but the thing that has most impressed me was his take on the Duke rape case. In fact, you should just go listen to this right now. Seriously. I'll wait.

Race and Rape (Air Date: 3/29/2006)

You see what I mean? I will be adding him to the blogroll in short order.

And yes, I thought, given recent events, a reminder of such an analysis was in order.

And, by the way, Mark will be speaking at the upcoming National Women's Studies Association Conference in June. For those of you who have been following BFP's Radical Women of Color Theorists series, Deborah Miranda is also on the conference program (which isn't out yet - sorry!!).

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