Saturday, February 19, 2011

More fun with sales representatives.

This would have annoyed me far less if:

1) I had not spent two hours on the phone over the last two days with Travelocity, trying to get tickets reissued; and

2) I had not spent a lot of time last night and this morning (unsuccessfully) trying to get Verizon's live chat to start.

Mr. PF thinks I am being mean. I think I am finding humor in an otherwise extremely frustrating situation - no meanness intended (I worked as a telemarketer - I am never mean to people who do phone/internet sales).


Please wait for a Chat Representative to respond.

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless. My name is 'K', how may I assist you?

PF: I would like to find out about canceling my mobile broadband service. I set this up for my parents, and they have decided to purchase service through their phone company. Am I correct that the current billing cycle runs through March 12?

K: I will be happy to give you info on canceling a line.

K: To cancel here is your contacts to cancel and the fee to cancel before the contacts. $145.00/ (06/15/2012)

PF: (?) I'm not sure what you mean by "your contacts to cancel"?

K: I am sorry I mean contract*

PF: ... (what the heck?) (lightbulb clicks on)

PF: Oh, ok - so, the contract ends 6/15/12 and the penalty to cancel before then is $145.

K: That is correct.

PF: So I can arrange to cancel as of March 12?

PF: Or whatever date is the last day in this billing cycle? (second time asking that question - still no answer...)

K: You can cancel the line for no fee at the contract date.

K: 6/15/12

PF: (WTF?)

PF: (assumes patient "voice") I understand. What I'd like to do, though, is pay the fee and cancel the line at the close of the current billing cycle, so that I do not have to pay the monthly fee after this month. (holy crap.)

K: I am sorry to here that you want to cancel a line. If you want to cancel a line you will need to call into Customer Care at 800-922-0204 option 0. You can also call from your handset by dialing *611 option 0.

K: Is this ok?

PF: (fucking NO, it is not ok. Why couldn't you have just said that at the beginning of this little exchange?!)

PF: OK, thank you for your help.

K: Do you have anything else to assist with?

PF: No, thanks. (I'm not getting much assistance, anyway.)

K: I am glad I was able to give you info on the contract date, you were amazing.

PF: (you have no idea.)

K: Thank you for chatting with us today. I look forward to chatting with you again.

PF: (headdesk)


Green said...

"You were amazing"? Really? I mean, *I* think you're amazing but ... they actually say that? That's so odd!

~*~Esmerelda~*~ said...

"Well, yes, I am amazing, I have mad skills, thank you for recognizing excellence when you see it. However, like my college boyfriend; just because it was good for you does not mean it was good for me."

You were not mean, and your parenthetical comments were funny. I always try to remember some things when I have call center experiences like this;

1) These people are closely monitored and given scripts, they have to keep a straight face, and try to keep their job when they are reprimanded for taking too long on a call, going off script, having any original thought whatsoever, not to mention failing to upsell up the ying yang.

2) These people are paid crap to take crap.

3) I could NEVER do their job.

4) Everybody hates customer support people. It is like the DMV, we expect it to suck, and the prophecy fulfills itself.