Wednesday, January 04, 2006

T-Shirt Politics

All I really want is to live in a place where I can own and wear t-shirts that say shocking yet funny things like:

"I love my cunt." (I do.)

"I had an abortion." (Well, actually, I haven't, so I probably wouldn't wear that one. But I'd like to live somewhere where it was an option for me to do so without fearing for my job or personal safety.)

"I love feminists (and cute lesbians)." (Because hey -- who doesn't?)

Or, my favorite (seen on Gawker a while back):
"Anderson Cooper gives me a boner." (A woman was pictured wearing the shirt, which made it even better.)

See, I think that t-shirts should provoke thought, or laughter, or both. Sadly, all I've really got that does this is my "this is what a feminist looks like" shirt, and when I wear it, people give me funny looks, especially on campus.

But...I just ordered a bunch of "my vagina is moving to Canada" buttons...and I hope to distribute them among the masses and start a movement...

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april said...

the "anderson cooper gives me a boner" shirt was my creation - i'm so glad you liked it! :)