Thursday, November 02, 2006


You all could probably use a break from the monotonous focus on abortion we've had here for the last little bit. So I thought maybe you'd like to hear about my momentous decision to let my cartilage piercing close.

Maybe you remember when I got it done last January.

It was very exciting - a chance for me to walk on the wild side a little bit. OK, OK, I know, it's not so wild and not so exciting. You all have been piercing your bodies for like, ever. But it was exciting to me, because when it comes to body modification, I take my time and think it through very carefully. I rarely make decisions on a whim, which is why I have no tattoos. (Because, seriously? The Chinese symbol for good luck that you tattooed on your ass is going to seem really embarrassing in a few years when you're studying imperialism and cultural appropriation. (Or it SHOULD.) Likewise all of the things that you think will be important to you forever when you're 18, or 28, or 38 (that's as high as I go). If I'd tattooed on myself everything I thought I had sworn undying allegiance to in my younger years - Jesus, The Cure, the Lesbian Nation - I would be a sorry mess of tattoo removals. Or else I'd never wear shorts and a tank top in public.)

But actually, this piercing was done on a whim, with the encouragement of my son (who thought it was a cool idea).

First lesson: never get your piercings done on a whim at the mall.

The piercing wasn't all I thought it would be. First of all, my hairdresser has a really annoying habit of constantly telling me that there is something wrong with it: The piercing is too small, and I need to get it scored or else I'll never be able to wear the cute rings that I want to wear (thanks a lot, Piercing Pagoda); the stud I have in should be replaced by something else that she is less likely to get caught on the comb (um, this is really not my problem, I think); if it's not painful and infected now, it will be soon. And on and on.

Second, while it really wasn't painful, it was kind of uncomfortable at times. This was a clean piercing - no oozing, no infection - but it just didn't always feel right. Especially yesterday, when I noticed what appeared to be a tiny little hematoma (ick), probably aggravated by my lying on it so much over the past few days while I've been sick and sleeping a lot.

And third...well, no one could see it anyway. My hair is too long.

So the hematoma-looking thing clinched it. The stud is out; the hole is closing.

I am less cool, now.

And my son is disappointed.

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