Monday, March 06, 2006

Earring Trauma

I mentioned last month that I got my ear pierced. What I got was a cartilage piercing and a second lobe piercing on my right ear, and they look pretty good (except that you can't really see them because my hair is covering my ear almost all of the time).

So I went to get my hair cut the other day, and my hairdresser was combing my hair, and all of a sudden I felt this jolt, and then the comb was stuck to my ear. And I mean, STUCK. At first, I thought that the teeth of the comb had separated and straddled the post of the earring. I asked my hairdresser if she could pry the teeth apart, but she said that what had happened was that the teeth of the comb had actually gone through the tiny butterfly-like loops in the earring backing. This was more tricky; it meant that to unstick the comb, we had to hold tight to the earring stud while pulling up on the comb simultaneously. This was sort of a dramatic moment: would the comb come loose? Would the comb win the battle, yanking the earring post through the soft cartilage of my ear? Would I be walking around for the next few days with a comb stuck to the side of my head?

I had no small amount of trepidation as we prepared to pull, but in the end, the comb did come loose, and there was very little pain.

(Sorry this is lame. Governor Rounds signed the abortion ban today. I'm so pissed-off and drained that I have few words left.)

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