Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thinking Blogger.

Wow. Thanks, Renegade Evolution. I wasn't expecting this! (blush)

Well, folks, the deal is this: display the above award icon and tag five other blogs that make you think. But I'm going to change the rules a bit, because one thing I don't like about memes is their exclusionary nature. So, I'm going to tag five other blogs in a second, but I also want to invite all of you who are reading to tag five others. Would you mind doing so in the comments? Because that way, we'll all get introduced to all kinds of great new blogs!

OK, then - let the tagging commence. This was hard, because most of the blogs I read I suspect have already been tagged. Others have deleted their blogs or don't have many posts up on their sites. But here we go:

The Daily Rhythm. Here's someone I actually know IRL. He recently left town, and it was only then that I learned that he is a damn fine writer.

Total Drek. I don't remember how I happened upon Drek's blog - it may be that it was he who happened upon my blog. Either way, I'm really glad to have found him. I'm always impressed by how well-informed he is, as well as by his wicked sense of humor (particularly when it comes to his students, tee-hee).

After Atalanta. Smart, smart blog about gender and sports.

This is Fact Not Fiction. I like this blog for its honesty and humor.

Laura's NYC Tales. One of the first blogs I ever read. WARNING: time suck. Lots of wonderful stories that will pull you in. Don't start reading if you have to be somewhere (like work).

Since I don't know if Laura is still updating - and since I'm pretty sure she doesn't read my blog - I'm going to also tag Ramblings of a Green Yogurt, who I think does stop by here occasionally. Green actually reminds me a bit of Laura, as both are known for their extremely witty comments about work, the characters we meet at work, and life in general.

I'm looking forward to seeing who y'all add to the list...


Drek said...

Plain(s)Feminist, I'm touched. Really. I'm not sure how to react to the idea that I'm well-informed but, hey, who am I to object?

As for how we met, I think it was a result of the most recent Deflem fiasco and my post about it. I could be wrong, though.

Plain(s)feminist said...

Yes!! That's it!!! Thanks for that!

ken said...

Thanks, PF. I appreciate the shoutout.