Sunday, March 19, 2006

That's My Girl...

My friend, Darcy Gammon Wakefield, died in December. Here is what she wrote to be read at her funeral service:

I would like to thank folks for coming. :)

I'd like to encourage everyone to find ways to appreciate every day, every second, to take pleasure in small chores (flossing, eating, cleaning, getting up in the morning, driving a car) and to look for beauty in the small and large things. Remember: life is short! Life is precious! Don't waste any of it drinking weak coffee or cheap beer, or eating food you don't like or working a job you hate or watching tv or dating people who aren't good to you or—well, you get the picture. Do work for a cure for als. Do tell people who you care about and respect how much they mean to you.

And remember, too, that we will meet again, someday, and in the meantime, you will see me in the funniest places. I'll be that well-worn piece of beach glass, that extra good cup of coffee, that beautiful view at the top of a mountain, that especially nice sentence you wrote, the red, ripe tomato from your garden, and that cute kid named Sam.

All my love, Darcy

Today - have a cup of really good coffee and a fine meal. Do something you really want to do. Enjoy life.

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