Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bean has embarked on a quest find out "what happens if." Last week, he used his child safety scissors to cut his hair.

A couple of days ago, he taped a piece of paper to his nose and then cut the paper - and his nose - like he'd seen Sponge Bob do on television.

Yesterday morning, I awoke to a soaking wet Bean who had been pretending to be a fountain while brushing his teeth. There were puddles of water (and even some toothpaste) decorating the sink and floor, and I even had to throw away the roll of toilet paper because it was too wet to be salvaged. (I suppose I should be grateful that he's never seen any of those old fountains that feature statues of little boys peeing!)

By the time I had cleaned up the bathroom, he had already taken a crayon and written his initials on the dining room table.

Last night, while I was picking up and trying to get him into bed, he called to me from the other room. "Mommy...not that I want to get into trouble...but I wrote with my crayon on the green chair." (This would be the New Green Chair.) Fortunately for both of us, Folex worked perfectly (and immediately). (PSA: This stuff is amazing. It got grape juice stains out of my beige rug.)

After I cleaned the crayon off of the New Green Chair, Bean and I had a conversation about how much fun it was to see what it would be like to try something new. I asked him to please check with me first before going ahead and trying it. He nodded, looked thoughtful, and asked: "Mommy, is it ok to draw on my clothes?"


Linda said...

Thank goodness I'm not there in person - I'd be in trouble for laughing in front of him. I've been accused of "encouraging" that sort of behavior when I do that.... but watching a toddler pull a lengthwise sliced pickle off his hamburger and slap it on top of his head is's hilarious.

plain(s)feminist said...

Yeah, I think that parents in general and me in particular need to develop more of a sense of humor about these things...

Octogalore said...

We came back from a dinner/movie last night to find that my almost-three year old daughter had covered herself in "daddy's [shaving] cream," without the babysitter any the wiser. So hard to have the sense of humor of times, but agree it's essential..