Saturday, May 26, 2007

The new Technorati sucks.

It just does. I used to be able to look up my blog ranking easily - it would give me a number (the number of websites that link) and a rankings (the number of blogs more popular than mine, essentially). And Technorati used to update my ranking quite regularly.

Now - I have a number of new sites linking to me over the past couple of weeks, but none of them are showing up on my Technorati searches. And when I search from the main page, I have to run two searches - first a search that results in "There is nothing in the known universe about plainsfeminist," and then I have to click on "blogs" on that page in order to find any links to my blog.

Technorati has helpfully set up a blogsearch-only page at, but it doesn't give the ranking, nor does it allow you to order the results by "freshness" (recent links), which the old Technorati used to do.

Essentially, what they've done is to make Technorati faster so that people could search everything, all over the web. I guess that's great, if that's what you need Technorati for, but why fix the blog search and ranking when it ain't broke?

SO not impressed.


Bdancer said...

I agree completely. I just moaned about the same thing in one of my blogs. The default search is for blogs, but to find your own blog you now seem to have to click on the tab, Posts, and search again. What a waste of time. Technorati now sucks. Maybe I'll just go back to googling.

Keith B said...

I have the same problem with my blog not showing up. I can't even get Technorati to index it. It sucks!