Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell is dead.

And all the jokes have already been made (be sure to read the comments).

But seriously - I know that "Christians" like Falwell see themselves as at war with the rest of us, and that therefore, he would have seen these comments as just more evidence that he was on the correct path. But - it's just sad when you have nothing to show at the end of your life but hate and a lot of people who are glad you have died.


Anonymous said...

The comments were hilarious

andi said...

I hope that he finds more mercy than he was willing to give.

Linda said...

I've said it before in other places - what's truly sad about people who are hateful - no matter what sort of pretty justifications they dress it up in - have a negative influence on everything they come in contact with. When I read he was dead my first thought was "OH GOOD". His words/actions provoke an ugly response in me. There must be a way to break that cycle.

belledame222 said...

as I said at my spot:

"May he go to whatever Eternal Reward that he has earned in the eyes of his Maker."