Saturday, May 27, 2006


I can't help it - for the past several nights, I've stayed up until well past my bedtime reading archives of Overheard in the Office. Seriously. My favorites so far are the ones involving computer stupidity, like the boss looking for more gigabytes for his computer - in the supply closet - or the worker who asks the IT person to remove the hourglass cursor because it makes the computer slow down. But there are also just random stupid people exchanges.

I especially like this one:
Secretary on phone: I hate fake tans too...not cans...tans. No, tans. T as in taco, A as in anus, N as in next, and S as in swords. I hate fake tans, too.

And this one - which will only be funny if you've gotten those scam calls trying to trick you into buying toner or printer cartridges:

Co-worker on phone: Why do you need to know what type of printer I have?...Well, I guess I could read the name of the printer to you off of the printer, if you suggest that...Here's the name written right here. It's F then U, C. Are you writing this down? K and then Y. Then finally O, U...Hello, hello?

It's always good to be reminded, once again, that great idiocy is at the heart of great comedy. (Sorry, I'm completely out of control.)

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