Saturday, May 06, 2006

I (Heart) Stephen Colbert

OK, so this is late. The White House Correspondents Association Dinner, which Colbert hosted, was a week ago. True, my partner did call out to me last week, from the bedroom where he does all of his computering, that he'd downloaded Colbert's address. But I thought for some reason that he was talking about an address to the Press Club, and I didn't grasp the significance of the occasion until just recently.

Well, really, until tonight, when I finally watched it and was filled with admiration for a man who has the ovaries to stand just feet from Bush and rip him to shreds - but with grace and elegance. Colbert just let him have it, but he did it all completely in character, without so much as breaking a sweat. You can watch the whole thing here, and if you've been waiting for someone to finally have the guts to call out the Bush Administration - and the media that have let them get away with whatever the hell they've wanted to get away with - then I suggest you get some popcorn, a cold drink, and a comfy chair. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. If you've read the transcript but not seen the clip, you really need to see the clip. Trust me on this.

And honestly, I have not been so impressed with anyone since Jon Stewart took Tucker Carlson to task for pretending to be a television journalist while really just pandering to the politicians (and you can read the transcript of that here, but it's really worth watching (I'm just too lazy to post a link)).

I would bake Stephen cookies if I thought he would eat cookies from a stranger after that performance. I'm considering sending him flowers.

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