Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mushroom Head

There was a great haircut that was popular in the late '80s that resembled a mushroom - albeit a very cool, alternative mushroom - that I spent some time trying to describe this evening to a somewhat confused 19 and 20 year old. (It's hard to explain the '80s to people who didn't live them.)

The picture I can find that's closest to what I'm thinking of is this one of Robert Smith, but it doesn't do justice to the cut. I saw it mostly on very cool women. The hair was close-cropped and usually black underneath, while on the top it was long, spiky, and often dyed a different color, sometimes with a cellophane dye that would allow the natural color to show through the dye, as well.

It was NOT that English schoolboy look - number 6 in this list - that became popular just a few years later.

If anyone can find a decent pic, please post a link. I can't find a picture and I'm feeling very nostalgic for one. Sniff.

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