Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I keep getting these headaches that start out like simple sinus headaches, but then they morph into something evil that makes me go to bed for the rest of the day and probably throw up, sometime after which I will start to feel better (after many hours). I hear this is what a migraine is like. And I'm thinking I should have figured this out years ago instead of relying on Tylenol - which, when one hits, I can't keep down, anyway - and gotten some serious migraine meds.

Probably in suppository form, the way these things have been going. Sorry.

After Sunday's migraine, I felt on Monday like I was Harry Potter recovering from a brush with a dementor. In my case, it wasn't chocolate I needed, but FOOD - I have never been so insatiably hungry. On Monday, I ate double meals, for the most part:

A bacon, egg, cheese, and tomato breakfast sandwich (a real one, on grilled bread - so, not a little sandwich)
A bran muffin
A Diet Coke and a glass of water
A hot dog with chips
Another Diet Coke
A large sugar cookie
A cheeseburger
A DQ ice cream "cupcake"
Most of my kid's DQ ice cream "cupcake" (he was done - I didn't take it away from him or anything)
A piece of bread and cheese
Some random cookies we had in the house
An Amy's Frozen Enchilada (really, two - you know, the package)
More water

And for much of this time, I was feeling ravenously hungry. That's a migraine side effect I haven't heard about before now.

Better get to bed - I hear lack of sleep is a migraine trigger.

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