Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Good Lord, I am horribly sick.

I have been taking Zicam, Emergen-C, and doing everything I'm supposed to do except sleep, and I feel awful. (I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. I was up until at least 3:30 watching old episodes of NYPD Blue.)

Mr. Plainsfeminist and Bean are out buying me special tissues with lotion in them for my poor, red nose (and some Claritin). And while I'm waiting for them, I want to share a book with you. Several years ago, I came across it in a Walden's Books, and I thought, "this would be a perfect book to buy for my child." Since I didn't have a child then, I didn't buy it, but once he was born a few years later, I started looking for it. The problem was, I didn't know the author or the title, so I kept finding myself in bookstores asking about the book "with the kid who meets the cloud on top of the Empire State Building, and he draws all these great designs for the clouds?"

I should have been asking at the libraries. The bookstores don't stock the same titles for more than a couple of months.

And also, I convinced myself that the title was something like Cloud Nine or Cloud Thirteen. I knew there was a number in it, anyway.

So fast forward a few more years, and I finally found it, thanks to a recent children's book review in the New Yorker.

And here it is: Sector 7.


Anonymous said...

Hey, if you think that the flu or an upper respiratory problem is the problem, try elderberry extract. You can find it in most health stores (I know that the co-op in SF has it) under the name "Sambucol".....I used it to get over the flu in three days.

Try limiting your food intake as well.....the less energy your body exerts in digestion, the more it can spend healing - so cut down on processed foods, and high protein/fat meals.

Hope you fel better!

Plain(s)feminist said...

I will get some tomorrow. Thanks!