Friday, January 05, 2007

New links.

Check out the new links to the right. One is to Neal Sperling's gorgeous fashion site. I actually went to high school with Neal and had no idea he had such good taste. If I were skinny, I'd wear his clothes. Neal was the Pea in a Pod guy, people. (We had no Pea in a Pod when I was pregnant. I had to be pregnant in Penney's. Sigh.)

The other is to C. Tyler's Bloomerland. She emailed and asked me if I'd be interested in reading her comic. I haven't read it yet, but I've been enjoying the site.

I will probably also be adding some radical feminist sites to the blogroll in the near future, because I am also enjoying reading them, as well. I'm trying to avoid having a tremendously long blogroll - because, when confronted with one of those on a site I'm visiting, I feel overwhelmed - but frankly, it's easier for me to get to all the sites I want to keep up with that way. I still have some blogs up that haven't been updated in months, but they're my buds, so I hate to take 'em down.

UPDATE: I ended up retooling the comics and 'zines list, as well. I'll probably put back the feminist magazine links at some point. Meanwhile, I will continue adding to this list of comics, most of which are by women. I hope it's not confusing that I list some by artist name and some by strip name - ah, you'll figure it out. I hope this list leads you to some new favorites!

Notice, by the way, that I included a link to Best American Comics. I found it especially interesting that out of 30 comics chosen, only about 7 were by women. (I wonder what we'd find if we analyzed the list along racial lines?)

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