Saturday, January 27, 2007

Help out a feminist!

Can we all get together to help out a colleague of mine who wants to show her class what kind of treatment feminists often receive on the internet?

I've been scouring the blogs to find examples of trolls, hate mail, etc. to send her. Many feminist bloggers filter out the crap so it doesn't get through. However, if you know of any sites where there is hate mail still up in response to feminist postings, or if you are a blogger and have some hate mail you'd be willing to forward, would you please let me know? You all can paste it into the comments or you can email me privately.

Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...

Here's a few bits of wisdom from one of my trolls:

Fuck you you bullying pieces of femhag shit!!!! I spit on your aborted kids graves!!!

Hopefully worms are eating away at their eyes as you read this. I hope they all burn in hell!!! FUCK YOU!!!

You feminist bitches need to have your clits sewn together, All you talk about is what men do wrong. What about all the violent women in the news lately? FUCK YOU!!!

Plain(s)feminist said...

Holy crap. I'm gonna be sorry I asked, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

How is it that you can actually sew a clit "together"?

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE you want that kind of thing even as examples??

I think most people never let this stuff see the light of day. But I do know one that has a troll policy, as you will see here.
Sadly Stormy has recently shut her blog down... and not so much because of trolls either. Pity, because she was quite a prolific blogger,...But you can check out her blog that was... she may have mentioned "troll posts". She got quite a few.

Anonymous said...

Check and see if Den of the biting beaver is still up. She got piles of troll hate mail. She let some of it through and ditched the really really awful and the death threats. She did do a couple of posts on said hate mail including some of the more awful posts.