Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sometimes the internet sucks.

Man, Blogger is getting annoying. Ever since Blogger merged with Google, I have to log in every time I turn around. That's because I already have a Google account under my real name, thank you very much, and so I can't move from checking my email to posting here (or even posting comments on others' blogs) without logging out and then back in again. And sometimes I forget and don't log out and end up almost posting comments under my real name. Not like this blog is super anonymous anyway, but the somewhat-ness of it is important to me.

And I don't know what we really gained by this whole switch to Google, anyway. I can now edit my blogroll without having to play around with code. Yeah, I guess that's good, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

What's more aggravating for me is that Tracksy has been down since last Friday. Which means I can't check my stats. Which means that I can't tell how many people are visiting. Which is irritating, and which has the effect of making me feel that I'm talking to myself. (Which I do anyway.)

So in the absense of Tracksy, I tried Google Analytics, which gives me fancy graphs and pie charts and will help me to choose more marketable key words for my post titles, but which makes it difficult to simply find a list of how many visitors stopped by on a given day. Really, it's all bells and whistles, and I don't want them. (Though the pie charts are pretty, and they do lend an air of legitimacy.)

What this all amounts to is that for a while now, I've been considering moving the blog and (gulp) actually paying for my stats. Anyone have any good ideas?

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Anonymous said...

That whole real name/blogger name relogging in every 15 seconds/almost posting comments under real name nonsense is EXCATLY why I moved to wordpress. Which has built in stats. But you have to pay to modify the templates they offer, so I have a nice generic looking thing going these days.