Monday, April 10, 2006

A Bunch of Things

I've realized that I'm far too grumpy to actually write about my observations over the past few days. That is just going to have to sound cryptic because that's all I'm going to say about it. Anyway, so instead I'm borrowing from the 100 Things blog post I read today. Here's my version (because I won't get to 100 anytime soon):

A Bunch of Things
1) I can bend my thumbs back behind my hands.
2) For probably all of my "bringing-my-lunch-to-school-with-me" career until high school, I had either a bologna and cheese sandwich or a tuna fish sandwich for lunch every day.
3) I could never stand to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my whole life until just after I gave birth. Even now, I treat them with caution - even when I'm really hungry for one.
4) I once reported a dealer I knew to the cops because he was lacing the pot with PCP.
5) I like "The Next Generation" far more than the original "Star Trek." "Deep Space Nine" comes in second. After that, I stopped watching.
6) I have trust issues.
7) My pet peeve is flakiness, even though I have - infrequently, mind you - done some flaky things myself.
8) Another pet peeve is people who think they are cool. In my experience, people who think they're cool generally have cool hair but otherwise are not especially interesting.
9) I think I'm cool.
10) I tend to always eat the same foods. However, I go through phases. So, the foods I'm eating now are not the same foods I was eating a couple of months ago.
11) I was not allowed to have a Barbie doll until I was 11.
12) I have never liked Jennifer Aniston, thought she was pretty, or wanted to wear my hair like hers.
13) I also don't think Brad Pitt is sexy.
14) I am extremely self-centered, even when I am trying really hard not to be.
15) I have become very very good at keeping secrets.
16) I have become very very bad at opening up to people.
17) I really do believe in karma.
18) I once saw someone die.
19) I once saw a dead body (a different one).
20) I can't stand the sound or feel of palms or soles of feet being rubbed or dragged across carpet.

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