Friday, April 14, 2006

God and Santa

Kid: Is god real?
Me: Yes, god is real. But not everyone believes that god is real. Mommy believes that god is real. Grandma doesn't.
Kid: I'm going to tell her.
Me: No, that's ok. It's ok for her to believe that God isn't real. Some people believe that god is real and some people don't, and that's ok.
Kid: How does Santa get down the chimney?
Me: ...
Kid: Is Santa magic?
Me: Well...[Note: I've flat out told him that Santa isn't real and he doesn't believe me.] Santa is magic, yes, in a way. [warming to the topic] God is love, and god is real. Santa is a way of loving people by giving them presents.
Kid: So he gets down the chimney by magic?
Me: [giving up] Yes.

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