Monday, April 17, 2006

Hamster Dance

I have found the REAL original - not the one that the "hampster" people SAY is the original (which is not the original) but the ACTUAL original.

The song itself is from the animated, 1973 version of Robin Hood, featuring Roger Miller on the "de pa dee da dee da do dos." According to Wikipedia, the song is Miller's "Whistle Stop." (You might know him from hits like "King of the Road.")

And, by the way, a "hampster," I imagine, is some kind of cross between a hamster and a hamper.

I cannot WAIT to share this with my kid.


anne said...

How do you know it's the original?

plain(s)feminist said...

Well...the one they say is the original is this one but remixed into a dance version. Usually the remix comes later.

Also, the non-remixed version is the one I remember when the site first became popular.