Monday, December 04, 2006

And another reason to hate MySpace...

...I logged on just now only to find an ad featuring Paris Hilton in a bikini. I mean, WTF? This is the sort of thing I try very hard to avoid. No one should have to encounter random Paris Hilton sightings, and certainly not without due warning.

(NOTE: This sounds like a slam on Paris because I think she's unattractive. When female celebs are trashed, it is their appearance and their intelligence that we target. So I want to explain that this is not what I am doing in the above comment. I do, in fact, find Paris unattractive, but I suspect that this is largely because I am irritated by her constant presence and popularity despite never having done anything useful. Her fame is derived largely from having money and having made a point of being visible. So it wasn't that she was in a bikini that I found distasteful, it was simply that she was there at all.)

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Jenia (Evgeny) Cherkassky said...

Hey, I hate MySpace too.
I even wrote a post about it today,