Saturday, December 16, 2006

More holiday giving ideas: Blog gifts!! Feminist t-shirts!!

How could I forget to include, in my last two posts on holiday giving, my blogging and my feminist sisters? Here's a great way to support bloggers and feminist organizations whose work you like - buy their products.

Heather Armstrong at Dooce offers, not only t-shirts (made by American Apparel, a horribly sexist company featuring near-pornographic ads, but one that is also sweatshop free, so we can choose which oppression we want to support) but also calendars. I just bought a t-shirt, and I'm glad I knew which size I needed in AA because when I saw the large featured on rail-thin Heather, I was pretty sure I'd be in trouble. (When someone as thin as she is wears a large, there's no hope for the rest of us. Which means, for better or worse, that my XL will be boobalicious.)

I don't know if Subservient Worker at Wide Lawns is a feminist or not. I'm guessing, yes. Anyway, read her blog about scary rich people, and then take a look at her t-shirts at Cafe Press. (I'd buy one, only I rarely buy white t-shirts. I'm more of a black t-shirt gal.)

Want some clearly feminist shirts? Check out NOW's t-shirts. And also take a look at California NOW's shop, as they have the cool "feminist" hoodie that people always stop me and ask about when I'm wearing it. Also, look at the Feminist Majority t-shirts (of which I own several).

And then there's Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, a great magazine that analyzes pop culture from a feminist perspective. They also have neat shirts for sale.

OK, that's it - I'm off to the mall to buy some shoes and a last-minute bath gift for my kind neighbor who just brought over a tin of cookies. Happy shopping!

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