Sunday, December 10, 2006

The muzzle.

Three really big and interesting things happened to me this week, and I can't write about any of them. One involves a sort of scandal. One involves gossip. And one involves a lawyer.

I should add here that my behavior in all cases was impeccable. In case you were wondering.

But these are the times when I think, "what's the point of being a writer if I'm not allowed to write about the good stuff?!"

And then I remember: not all of my writing must be done on my blog. And writing done in other mediums does not so quickly cause doocing.

One thing I *can* tell you - though it's not nearly so interesting - I am about to go out and grade papers late on this Saturday night (early Sunday morning). I can only comfort myself with the thought that last week at this time I was learning to salsa.

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